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Reconstruction of car accident that seriously injured Vice-President of the European Parliament

Late on Friday night 6th September 2013, police closed a section of the A1 motorway – near to the Leverkusen interchange in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany – in order to reconstruct a fatal road accident of 22nd February 2013, in which Alexander Alvaro, a Vice-President of the European Parliament was seriously injured. The aim of the exercise was to find out exactly what happened by simulating the chain of events, that took the life of a 21 year old man from Münster and seriously injured three other people including Alexander Alvaro.

Before the reconstruction took place, it had been announced that a section of motorway would be closed between Burscheid and Leverkusen in the direction of travel towards Cologne. According to media reports the motorway was closed for three hours from 11 pm on Friday 6th September untill 2 am on Saturday 7th September, while investigators recreated the scene of the accident.

The story of Alexander Alvaro’s car crash has received much attention in the German media, and the reconstruction – which was ordered by the Cologne public prosecutor’s office – was initially attended by journalists, photographers and film crews, while the scene of February’s accident was being recreated. However, once all the equipment and props were in place – including a scrap Opal Vectra representing the vehicle the 21 year old man from Münster had been driving, and a black Audi A8 representing the vehicle Alexander Alvaro was in – police made journalists and spectators leave the scene, while the investigators worked on the accident simulation.

From the descriptions, photographs and films in the German media: it appears that the Opal Vectra had overturned and was lying on its roof in the fast lane of the motorway, shortly before Mr Alvaro’s Audi A8 collided with the Opal. According to an article on the website, there is no speed limit on the motorway where the accident took place.

Further information on the reconstruction and investigation into Alexander Alvaro’s road accident can be seen at:–sehr-sensible-rekonstruktion-,15189132,24240446.html

Also the WDR video of the reconstruction can be seen at:

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