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British manufacturer helping to make the German Energiewende a reality

On 17th February 2015, the British electrolyser manufacturer ITM Power announced it had delivered a proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolyser, to the energy company RWE Deutschland AG at Ibbenbüren in Germany. According to ITM Power this was the third rapid response power-to-gas PEM electrolyser installed by ITM Power in Germany. (1.) The delivery of the order comes a few days after successful tests results had been announced for the PEM electrolyser operated by the Thüga Group at Frankfurt-am-Rhein.

The delivery of the electrolyser was reported on the website of Netzwerk Brennstoffzelle und Wasserstoff NRW ‘Fuel cell and hydrogen network of North Rhine-Westphalia’, which described the electrolyser as, “a crucial part of the power-to-gas research plant which RWE is now installing at Ibbenbüren.” (2.)

If Germany is to succeed with its Energiewende ‘energy transition’ policy, as it moves away from nuclear power and fossil fuels, then energy storage will play an essential part in making renewable energy sources of wind, and solar power more effective. The conversion of Ökostrom ‘eco-electricity’ into hydrogen gas when renewable sources are generating their maximum quantities of power, will mean any extra energy can be stored in the gas network until their is greater consumer demand or lower output from renewable sources.

The United Kingdom is able to make use of its membership of the EU to allow British companies such as ITM Power, to participate as equals with their partners on the Continent, in order to fight climate change and meet international targets to reduce Europe’s dependence on fossil fuels. The sustainable energy market is growing across Europe, and will create green jobs in the UK and other member states of the EU.




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